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Protect Your Financial Information

Type:  Security 

You should never provide personal information to anyone if you are uncertain who they are or what they will do with that information. Personal information can be used to access your accounts, open new credit cards, or assume your identity.


Protect Your Personal Information With These Simple Steps:
  • Do not give out financial information.  This includes your social security number and checking and credit card numbers unless you know the person you are giving it to.  Be aware of the latest scams!
  • Report lost or stolen checks, ATM and Debit / Credit Cards (VIA TELEPHONE) immediately...(617) 742-1616
  • Notify ICU of suspicious phone calls such as those asking for account information.
  • Shred financial information before disposing of it.
  • Put outgoing mail into an official Postal Service collection box.
  • Promptly reconcile all monthly account statements.  Report discrepancies between your records and monthly statements to the appropriate company.
  • Find out what is in your credit report.